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To the members, your trainers are often the primary club liaisons. Each trainer is setting the club's standards for knowledge, concern, and professionalism! Each and every one must speak the language and act in the manner that is representative of your club's professional standards. Your trainers must constantly monitor their clients and give undivided attention to detail in order to correct any mistakes. They must understand the intricacies of custom set-up and exercise performance, and they must also prevent injuries while generating results. They should be able to recognize the misinformation disseminated by trends and gurus and extinguish it rather than perpeturate it. Each of your trainers is an ambassador of the Exercise Experience that, for better or worse, will become your club's trademark. The Exercise Professional you need cannot be created by an organization that is in the business of certification! Certification is the required starting point, but it is a minimum standard. The type of professional who will further your business is only created by a process of progressive education. RTS offers an educational process that turns your trainers into true Exercise Professionals. They understand the objective value and masterful use of ALL of the tools that your facility has to offer, thereby increasing the return on your equipment investment. RTS trainers understand that it is the members ongoing individual exercise experience that brings value to the member and determines the success of your club! Full Circle Personal Trainers are or will be RTS Certified!

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